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Think a super-sized, red-haired My Cousin Vinny meets The Bonfire of the Vanities in Houston, where you can't always tell who the best people are.

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About the Author

Marc Grossberg is an observer and a listener.  He has a passion for his family, friends and clients, and for books that entertain and provoke him. He has practiced law in his native Houston for over fifty years. Somehow he overcame being a Board Certified tax lawyer and one of the Best Lawyers in America to write The Best People.

About the Book

Paddy Moran, a former cop from Brooklyn, is a newly licensed attorney in Houston with dreams and aspirations to make it big. He survives early rough bumps and ethical challenges. Then, through networking, he lands two high-profile clients. With his brash moxie and brilliant legal strategy, he gets outstanding outcomes that put him on the success trajectory to the upper echelons of the city's divorce bar. But, faced with difficult choices in high-stakes litigation, will he balance his thirst for recognition and respect with his sense of right and wrong?

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