It Happens Every Day

The Other Day

The other day my mobile phone rings and the caller ID says “Donna Franklin.”

I don’t personally know any Donna Franklins, but I listen to Donna Franklin’s jazz show on KTSU. Her closing song is “It Happens Every Day” by The Crusaders. So, instead of saying “hello,” I answered, “It happens every day.” Well, she was totally flummoxed.

“No one has ever done that before,” she said, laughing.

It Happens Every Day by @marcgrossberg #Day #Journey #Life

I am a modest contributor to KTSU and she was calling to invite me to a party Saturday night at Grooves celebrating KTSU’s forty-eighth birthday. I told her I had a dinner party that night but I would try to stop by when it was over. She said it lasted until 2:00 a.m. She said I would be a VIP guest.

So, I went to the dinner party. It was over about 10:45. As I drove home I heard Yuli Gurriel get a walk-off hit in the tenth inning for the Astros to beat the Mariners, his second walk-off hit in a row.

I decided to go to the party and take an Uber.

The Party

I arrived and looked around. I believe I was the only white guy there. I had someone take a picture of me and I texted it to Donna Franklin. I watched people dance as a quality DJ played music.

It Happens Every Day by @marcgrossberg #Day #Journey #Life

A few minutes later a woman walked toward me and mouthed “Marc.” We hugged and chatted. She took me into the VIP room and introduced me to the station manager and the program director. They asked me to be in a photograph on the red carpet with them and some other men. When the photo was over, I said I have a novel coming out and I would love a radio interview.

It Happens Every Day by @marcgrossberg #Day #Journey #Life

Yours truly on the red carpet

The response was, “Consider it done.”

Green Light

So, the moral of the story is, when you go wherever your green light tells you, the intersection might be interesting and sometimes something cool happens.

In fact, it could happen every day.


~ Marc Grossberg June 30, 2019


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