A Random Act of Violence, a Willfully Blind Neighbor, an Unresponsive Police Force

My daughter Lee Ann is urging me to not go to public events because of the coronavirus and I am of the vulnerable age. As of now, I will heed her advice. It’s not just the virus, I think something cosmic is telling me to stay home, channeling my daughter. Thursday, March 12, the side of my car grazed a concrete post when I was parking in my office building.

Now let me describe an event on Friday the Thirteenth.

A Random Act of Violence

I have a slight headache, not from a virus but from an assault.

I am walking home from some errands and I feel a heavy object hit my head and I go down. I get up. A little groggy.

The guy who hit me is crossing the street in traffic. He is carrying a yellow plastic bag. He is young, thin, and black. He is wearing a cap and his jacket is tied around his waist. He gets to the other side.

A Random Act of Violence, a Willfully Blind Neighbor, an Unresponsive Police Force

The Neighbor

Another guy walking on the same side of the street coming toward me saw what happened. He just kept walking. He was about to pass me. I said to him, “Is that okay with you?” He said nothing. I said, “Did you see that? He said, “I saw it.” I said, “What do you think?” He seemed very uncomfortable, wanting to move on, and said: “Call the cops.” He didn’t ask if I was okay. I gave him a look, like what kind of a neighbor are you?

I had a painful headache. I saw the guy who hit me turn the corner. I tried to follow the guy. He wasn’t running. I took a picture of him from the back.

The Police

I went into Spec’s looking for a cop. I found one who is moonlighting for Spec’s. He wasn’t energetic but he went to where I could still faintly see the guy walking. He called it in. I waited 15 minutes for the police car to show up and then went home. I think I’ll stay here for the time being.

My father used to say I need that like I need a luch in kop. So I got a shlogn in di kop.

I was talking to my youngest daughter and her boyfriend. He said things like that happened all the time in California and one of them mentioned the attacks on Hasidim in New York City.

I am about the same age as all the people running for President of the United States.

I am grateful that I have no lasting or truly painful physical injuries. In a strange way, I am glad that the incident happened.  Perhaps sharing it will make some people think about being better neighbors. I am still a trusting person. I believe people are basically good.

My mother’s ethical will, written by hand, said simply, “You, you, you, and you, take care of each other, in your own way.”

Random Acts of Violence: https://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/opinion/columnists/2019/11/16/acts-random-violence-all-too-real-many-communities/4185369002/


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  1. Lydia on March 23, 2020 at 8:45 am

    Wow, that’s scary. I hope you heal quickly.

  2. Alexandria on March 23, 2020 at 12:22 pm

    Frightening. Be safe, Marc

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